Empowering young people Across Africa to champion SDG 10

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AfriBright Network

Understanding legal issues around equality

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What can I do to help as a youth?

What is my Role in attaining SDG 10

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Tackling all forms of inequalities.

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What does the law say?

Understanding my Rights

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AfriBright stands for “Africa that is thriving/Bright”.



We undertake the advocacy role of safeguarding the rights of marginalized members of the state through creating awareness and holding to account the relevant bodies that are designated to protect the rule of law from being infringed.


For a more inclusive Society, Afribright Network puts at its core the significant role played by youth in attaining SDG 10, Reduced inequalities in all its forms. The vitality of young people stepping up and speaking out against vices Channeled to the most vulnerable members of our societies can be made possible through well-deliberated discussions and strategies. Hard Talk provides a platform for the youth across the country to converge and exchange ideas and, simply put, make sense of various development values and development agendas to:

Remain informed of issues surrounding inequality and have their voices heard.

Deliberate on practical solutions that can be implemented.

Network with fellow like-minded individuals to expand their social capital

Improve their public speaking skill, and get recognition; for the top performers who have displayed quality research and leadership skills.

Connect with relevant guest speakers and have a one-on-one chat with them.

Ultimately, become champions of positive change in their spaces/Nation.

This is our second edition of Hard Talk by Jessica premiering on October, the 22nd  of 2021. You can also find more information about the previous Hard Talk by following this link:

HARD TALK with Jessicah

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[what greatly influences election of leaders by the youth in Kenya?]



Student at Moi University Law School

She is a young and vibrant leader particularly intrigued by legal and contemporary social issues regarding youth and development.

“My area of interest touches on Human Rights Law both nationally and internationally. Apart from that, I enjoy taking part in Moots, legal research, and writing as well as content creation on my social media platforms

Reduced inequalities within and among countries. 


Our Mission

We strongly believe that young people wield the power and tools to address the vicious cycle of poverty that is more often than not centered around a particular group of people considered vulnerable partly due to recurring practices of injustices that render them unable to compete favorably with the majority of the population.


To reduce all forms of inequality in our spaces through an unrelenting advocacy platform.