Finger Painting Art

By Diana Dorine


What was originally intended to be a fun way of introducing art to kids has advanced over the years into a rich expressive hobby come business venture. Especially when beautiful wall paintings are what you are looking for.

The late Ruth Faison Shaw, an American artist and an educator, is credited for introducing this amazing and fulfilling painting method, back in 1931.

In Africa, Amoako Boafo originally from Ghana is turning eyeballs around the world with his large-scale finger-painted portraits . The 36 year old, winner of  the 2007 Best Abstract Painter award, celebrates Blackness in all its multitudes. He believes that Africa should not just be depicted by a single story of a woman carrying a child with a container balanced on her head. That there is more to Africa than just that. And he uses his extraordinarily created art pieces to illustrate just that.

If you’re an art enthusiast, then you will definitely be thrilled by the sight of his spectacular pieces.

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Amoako Boafo and the revaluation of black culture between finger painting and the essence of the subject.


Healthy Roots Dolls: Zoe

By Diana Dorine

Fun Facts:

Founder: Yelitsa Jean


Where: USA

When: 2015

Yelitsa introduced a more diverse and inclusive culture in the toy industry. the founder and creative director of Healthy Roots Dolls, with a background in design was moved by the black lives matter movement to create a positive change in the diversity and children’s media. So she embarked on this project as part of her college assignment. she strongly believes that artists have a unique responsibility in the work they create to educate, empower and influence.

To here it was long overdue for children of color, not just in the States, but also this in other parts of the world. in her Ted talk she further describes the challenges she had to encounter as a an African-American young person seeking funding to scale her idea.


As they say, money follows the vision. Over the years, Healthy Roots Dolls has won several seed funding opportunities of up to $1 million. The company focuses on creating dolls and storybooks that represent the voices of young black girls. Her products addresses the issues surrounding race, identity and diversity of beauty. just like her, girls of color can now learn to appreciate themselves and learn how to care for their beautiful curly hair. Her company seeks to empower young girls of color to aspire to different career opportunities and interests as these are the areas the dolls are created to depict, other than their skin color.


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