“Redefining the role of women of color in Hollywood”

The 57-year-old American actress and the founder of the production company Juvee Productions has come out strongly to defend “The Woman King” following calls to boycott the film amid slave trade criticism. 

“The Woman King” – a 2022 American historical epic greatly inspired by historic events that took place in the Kingdom of Dahomey in the 17th/18th/19th centuries recently sparked an outcry on Twitter with critics remaining unsettled about the film’s historical precision. 

The once receiver of an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress has adequately described a shift in the industry for women of color in Hollywood. The Sony Studio film unapologetically redefines what it means to be feminine perhaps setting the stage for liberation-breaking limitations for black women in their acting career in the United States. 

Much has been said about its conflicting historical concept by some cinema fans and historians overlooking the producers’ historical inspiration and the director’s love for storytelling behind this thrilling fictional film. Viola Davis’ starring role and the grand cast predominantly composed of black women embody a riveting account of a legendary fictional character as well as a love for freedom and black culture.

The attempt to tackle such uncomfortable themes carries a great potential of redefining the limits to what women of color can achieve in the acting space. Viola’s unrelenting fighting spirit in the fictional film has left a profound emotional effect on its female fans across the globe. The ability to flesh out “Nanisca”-the lead female character- in “The Woman King” sheds a perspective of what it takes to put together art; never made before, into a 21st-century thrill that still fulfills its blockbuster checklist. 

The strict training regime described by the lead actress to create this historically inspired character to bring out the slave trade scene in the 17th to 19th Century that was long left unspoken about thus attests to a shift in the typical Hollywood female superheroes. 


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