Who We Are


Afribright Network was started in March 2021 as a network where young people can converge and discuss issues affecting the development of their communities in line with the 17 SDGs. In addition to this, stories of innovation across Africa took centre stage. This was solely meant to encourage young people to actively seek information on how they can get the motivation to create their innovations for the sole purpose of creating more jobs in Africa. To keep us close as a team we embarked on competitions i.e the African Innovation Challenge; Kenya, where we were equipped with practical skills of entrepreneurship. With time, however, we realized that to address the issue of unemployment or youth disempowerment in Kenya and the continent at large, there was a pressing need to step above unending forms of inequalities that most young people, with no fault of their own, tend to find themselves grappling with. It is at this point that on September 11, 2021, we begun shifting focus from not just addressing the final stage of acquiring a decent and well-paying job after tertiary education, but getting down to the Sustainable Development Goal Number 10; Reducing inequality within and among countries.

This marked a new birth experience for Afribright Network. By seeking to address issues in societies that for many decades have crippled most African States from realizing a strongly advocated for and desired future where no one is left behind, young people still hold close to their hearts the idea of Afribright, standing for Africa that is Bright; burning with untapped potential. We as the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians have without a doubt taken it upon ourselves to mitigate all forms of inequality in our social, political, and economic spaces for creating a better future for all in the continent.

Young people are no longer there to be seen or heard as mere statistics of an oblique future. The youth of Africa want to be included in the decision-making process of issues affecting the development of their communities, hold leaders accountable, and be allowed to have a voice, even on behalf of the voiceless in society.

A 21st-century youth represents a platform, represents a future generation that is equal.

Our impact can be felt when we join hands as the youth of Africa.


We strongly believe that young people wield the power and tools to address the vicious cycle of poverty that is more often than not centered around a particular group of people considered vulnerable partly due to recurring practices of injustices that render them unable to compete favorably with the majority of the population.



To reduce all forms of inequality in our spaces through an unrelenting advocacy platform.









We aim at reducing all forms of inequality within countries and beyond by taking great steps to understand our role in the fight against inequality, and see to it that all citizens and their legislative representatives are held accountable for their actions towards realizing a more inclusive and sustainable development agenda.

We hold webinars and attend relevant partner workshops to deliberate on issues of reducing inequality such as discussions on mitigating income inequality, socioeconomic and political inclusion for all, promoting systems and institutions that provide equal opportunities to all, transparent policy formulation and implementation processes, ensuring more accessible financial markets and institutions, well-managed migration policies and creating a conducive environment for meaningful partnerships to achieve SDG 10.

We undertake the advocacy role of safeguarding the rights of marginalized members of the state through awareness and holding to account the relevant bodies that are designated to protect the rule of law from being infringed to their detriment.



Founder and CEO of Afribright Network

Diana Dorine

Digital Communications Strategist

Currently works at Shado Media Limited as a Communications and Marketing Lead. Prior to her current position, she worked as a Public Relations and Communications professional at Kenya Revenue Authority.

Ms. Diana is passionate about youth affairs and development in Africa. This has led her to work in various capacities that include: Volunteer Mentor at Equity Group Foundation, she later joined the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa as a Digital Activist. She has a rich background in Public Relations and has helped both local and international brands achieve their communications and marketing goals with transformative impact. 

In 2021, she worked shortly, as the country representative for She Rise Africa, a role that was focused on advocating for gender equality in Africa. She is an avid writer and has made content contributions for the Human Rights Pulse and The Health City, Azadi Kenya and Lead Nicely Inc. among other organizations. 




Anjelica Young

The 17 year old is the current Lead SDG Advocate and Head of SDG Affairs. She is the school president of her school’s student’s council, the chairperson of the Model United Nations Club, debate club and alumni of Yale Young African Scholars, where she participated in it in the fall of 2021.

As a content creator, she has a website, Mythos, that is book oriented, and a Youtube channel, The Everything Show with Anjelica Young. She is a novice reader of novels, crime thrillers to be precise, but cannot also rule out best selling works of renowned authors such as Robin Sharma and Robert Greene.


Jessicah Damar

She is a student of law currently pursuing a degree in bachelor of laws at Moi University Annex chapter where she is a student leader serving as the Under Secretary General of the Kenya model of United Nations and Assistant Secretary of the Law Students Society of Kenya Moi Annex Chapter. At Afribright Network she serves as the Head of Operations and plays an active role as an SDG Advocate.

She is a human rights activist and is passionate about the law and contemporary social issues. She is equally passionate about curing the human rights knowledge void in the youths.

Benson Lingokal

Community Organizer/ PR Specialist

All Africa University Cross Country Silver Medalist

EAST Africa University games 10, 000m Gold Medalist

AK University National Champion both 5,000m and 10,000m

10 km cross country champion

WEKUSA 10km Cross Country Champion

5,000m, 10,000m KIBU King of the Road 2017-2020

International Recognition Award of 2019 of the year, and Athlete of the Year


Maureen Oyugi

Project Manager

Media Personality and Content Creator

Football Addict

Peer Educator at Centre For the Study of Adolescence (CSA)